The Angry Mom Cool Down Kit

Your toddler is running around yelling "nakie bum!!!!" because she just ripped her diaper off. Again. It's already 10 minutes past bedtime and you can't get her to hold still long enough to wrestle the diaper back in place and cram her jammies on.

You want to yell R-rated words at your kids because you just stepped on their stupid plastic dinosaur AGAIN even though you've told them to pick the 🤬 thing up a million times. (Why did you buy that six pack of dinos at Costco, anyway?!)

None of us wants to be an angry mom who yells, but life with children can be stressful and overwhelming.

It's all too easy to snap at yell (and then feel guilty later).

You've probably tried to stop being an Angry Mom before. You never thought you'd yell at your kids, but somehow you find yourself raising your voice, anyway. You've practiced "the parenting pause." You've made resolutions to stop yelling. But your kids know how to push every single one of your buttons.

The fact that you're still trying, even after your roughest days, to calm down and be a better mom shows that you already are a good mom.

You care deeply about your kids and want a deeper connection with them, not a tenuous one where they're walking on eggshells around you after you've snapped.

The Angry Mom Cool Down Kit gives you the tools to go from ready to blow a fuse to ready to talk without screaming.

The kit is divided into two sections: quick fixes to diffuse the situation FAST so you don't snap (again) & a workbook to prevent future blowups.

There are 30+ ideas for calming down NOW and a powerful EFT tapping script to release your anger without yelling. (Not sure what tapping is? Don't worry - there's a brief video showing exactly what to do!)

In this kit, you will receive the resources you need to:

  • Make the commitment to becoming more peaceful
  • Understand your triggers
  • Diffuse the situation when you become angry
  • Keep your cool next time
  • Repair the situation and set a good example for your child

Materials include:

  • Journaling prompts
  • Trackers
  • Affirmations for finding your calm
  • 30 ways to cool down NOW
  • An EFT tapping script for releasing anger (plus a video showing you how to find the tapping points).
  • There is also a BONUS track of the affirmations being read so you can listen on the go!

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