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SPLASH System Visual Schedule and Chore Chart

Introducing The SPLASH system!

The Simple Planner and Schedule Helper system is an easy, proven way to reduce power struggles and help your child get things done correctly, even if they can’t remember that pants go on before shoes.

The Splash system is a combination visual schedule and chore chart that works for children of all ages even strong-willed children.

Children thrive when they have a predictable routine, but they can also have trouble following multi-part directions. Things that seem simple and obvious to adults aren't always as obvious to children.

That's where the Splash system comes in to save the day!

It comes with 42 unique routine and chore cards and five routine charts to fill out together so your child knows exactly what they need to do next. (Even if right now they're always trying to put their shoes on before pants.)

And as a free BONUS

  • 30 ways to calm down fast when you're at the end of your rope
  • Affirmations for stressed moms
  • An audio track of your affirmations to listen on the go

Unlike many visual schedules and chore charts that are text heavy, the Splash system relies on pictures.

This means your child can use it, even if they're not a strong reader yet. It also makes the cards more flexible. You're not stuck with whatever working happens to be on the card - you can match the pictures to your child's routines and chores.

  • Imagine actually getting out of the house on time in the morning without having to do everything yourself.
  • Picture the joy on your precious little one's face when they finally get dressed all by themselves.

These can become a reality with Splash!

Grab your copy today and get control of your morning back.

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